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ALLIANTUSFINANCIAL Ltd is an offshore holding , of New Zealand , offering banking services to private individuals and legal entities around the world in a protected area controlled by the Government of New Zealand. New Zealand is a member of the British Commonwealth, English is the main language, it has a common law system, and most of the legislation, including the right of confidence is based on British law. It offers all the benefits of traditional offshore financial centers, but is recognized as a true mainstream center onshore which was not considered a black list by any jurisdiction or authority in the world. It is not reported by the OECD as a harmful tax jurisdiction. The ALLIANTUSFINANCIALa Limited offers a wide range of services to meet your most demanding needs, whether it is simply to open a bank account, a deposit account or high standard level investments. We have developed a long-term partnership based on mutual trust to ensure, protect and raise capital. Opening an account provides a powerful tool to keep and make sure the money tax free. Owning an offshore bank account gives you benefits not available as owners of national banking accounts.The most important of these benefits are: bank secrecy ,confidentiality and exemption from taxes on profits. Income, coming from deposits are not taxed. Customers have the opportunity to invest globally. Perhaps the most important benefit that provides offshore banking is that the account is strictly private. The confidentiality of all transactions conducted through the account is protected by law. The account is protected from creditors, tax authorities and other stakeholders. It is, in some measure, a defensive tool.
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