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Blog di moda e storia della moda, outfit, collage e qualche tuffo nel passato!
E' il blog fashion-costume.blogspot.com di FashionC. L'utente FashionC, blog fashion-costume.blogspot.com
Fashion and Costume Fashion and Costume  gioved 13 marzo 2014 Moving!! Fashion and Costume has moved!! You can find me at www.fashionandcostume.it and you can follow me on Bloglovin at this link http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/11901833 Fashion and Costume si trasferita!! Mi puoi trovare qui www.fashionandcostume.it e mi puoi seguire su http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/11901833 postato da Unknown alle 15:53 1 Commenti  gioved 6 marzo 2014 What's in my Lush bag No willing of going to the gym, just a quick and nice shopping stop at Lush. I needed some things I've finished, such as Ultrabland , the best make up remover ever seen (it could remove also the make up from pand s eyes!) and Trichomania , a gorgeous solid shampoo which I love. But you know, when you go to Lush it's almost impossible to go away just with what you wanted to buy and, so, her s the damage: Butterball , a splendid white and sweet ball to put in the bath, Fairly Traded Honey shampoo made with honey...yes, you can smell honey, you can even touch it (well, it's not going to stick your hair, don't worry!!) and something like Trilli but it's not Trilli ..can't remember the real name! Anyway, it's the gold bath bomb which I've just tried tonight (try it, it will really make your water sparkle and so sweet!). Now blogging, feeling guilty for having avoided the gym and going to watch Gossip Girl season 5 :) Last but not least, the new Fashion and Costume will be up in a while...I'm so excited!!! Nessuna voglia di andare in palestra,