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E' il sito gamers2.com di Sicignano. L'utente Sicignano, sito gamers2.com
Gamers 2 Interactive - Professional League of Legends Team Gamers 2 Interactive - Professional League of Legends Team Presenting the Gamers 2 League of Legends team. Continue Press Release Madrid, Spain February 24th 2014. Today is an incredibly exciting day for the team, as we have been working in the shadows for the past few months, building to this very moment. It is with great pleasure that we can announce publically and officially our team Gamers 2, built with a true love for bringing innovation to the industry whilst upholding our core values of professionalism, unrivalled dedication and always having the community at the heart of our decisions. Gamers2 has a management team which covers decades of industry movement that allows us to challenge the status quo and be truly innovative. Our goal is to lift the industry to a new standard of professionalism and elitism that will leave a legacy for others to follow. Through not following the same business model as the majority who purely sponsor players to play under their flag we have the ability to create something special, where the players and the organisation have no limits and are bound by no red tape. We are thrilled to reveal that we have founded the organisation in the beautiful city of Madrid, Spain home to 19 million gamers and one of the fastest growing markets in Europe. The company acquired a mansion for what will be the home of next generation community interaction. Our players and managers have relocated to live under one roof, where we aim to be the most accessible eS