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è un blog dove scrivo post su cose che mi piacciono e anche no
E' il sito itsallytime.wordpress.com di alessia99. L'utente alessia99, sito itsallytime.wordpress.com
Its Ally Time :) Carpe Diem Its Ally Time :) Carpe Diem Its Ally Time :) Carpe Diem Gen 21 Weight Loss Heeei! let s talk about weight loss it s like a trend everyone is trying to lost weight and according to me this is a really bad thing..even girls who aren t so much fat i think that if you re a sporty girl, like me, you don t need any diet because the kind of training that you re doing will help you with your fitness, if you aren t a sporty girl rather than follow online diets, contact a dietician she/he will help you! i know that in this post i ve written a little.. i promise you that in the next posts i ll write more love ya Ally Lascia un commento Gen 2 Heeeey! it s been a while again.. ups! i m wishing you a happy new year a little bit late! so I ve spent New Year s Eve with my friend in Swiss i really loved this holiday..i hope you enjoyed yours how did you spend this holiday? I really wanted to thank you for this amazing year even if i started this blog on november maybe . i hope you like my blog i ll change something again i also hope that my followers will increase please if you like what i post.. share it with everybody love ya -Ally Dic 21 Hand Scrub ;) -4 days to christmas! today i ve tried a new homemade hand-scrub that i ve made it s amazing i ve found the recipe on Cutepolish s youtube account ( http://www.youtube.com/user/cutepolish ) she s amazing and her nail arts too. So let s do this! ingredients: -3/4 cup white sugar -1/4 extra virgin olive oil -1 tablespoon lemon juice put the in