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Biquadro, grazie alla pluriennale esperienza nel campo della lavorazione lamiera, offre servizi che vanno dalla progettazione, prototipazione e realizzazione di modelli 3D, alla realizzazione di componenti in lamiera con lavorazioni di punzonatura, taglio laser, piegatura, saldatura, verniciatura, zincatura e molto altro.
E' il sito www.biquadro.net di biquadro. L'utente biquadro, sito www.biquadro.net
Biquadro Srl - Sheet Metal Working and Mechanical Design Sheet Metal Components biquadro, sheet metal working, sheet metal design, mechanical design, sheet metal components, metal sheet Biquadro Srl is leader company in the design and manufacturing of sheet metal components for the industry. The design office works in synergy with the production lines of sheet metal working to quickly and efficiently meet the needs of customers. Biquadro Srl - Sheet Metal Working and Mechanical Design Sheet Metal Components You are using an outdated browser You are using Internet Explorer 6. Please upgrade your browser to increase safety and your browsing experience. Choose one of the following links to download a modern browser Home Vision Divisions Profile Designing Our Equipment Manufacturing Gallery News Contacts Work with us Privacy Sitemap IT Profile Quality Work with us quick gallery WHERE WE ARE Biquadro Srl We draw and bend sheet metal... ...from the project... ... to the product Sheet Metal: from the project to the product Biquadro Srl, founded on 2007 by the engineers Alessandro Boni and Rodolfo Brutti, is specialized in designing and manufacturing of sheet metal components for third parties. Our factory is equipped with the most up-to-date machinery as automated cutting systems produced by Salvagnini Group SPA and bending systems. Biquadro Srl has two productive headquarters in Bagnoli di Sopra and more than 40 employees. During these years the company has developed capabilities in order to support the customer with complex projects, designing ad-hoc solutions and realizing special manufactories. free joomla extensions joomla template 3 Quality Management System ISO 9001 certification A challenge that Biquadro company faces everyday is the willingness of improving customers satisfaction. Thinking in this way, for the Biquadro s Board, it was natural getting into a recognised Quality Management System (QMS