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European Basset Hounds and basset puppies with the old and famous european bloodlines
E' il sito breenbrass.com.ua di breenbrass. L'utente breenbrass, sito breenbrass.com.ua
BREENBRASS - Home basset hound,basset puppies,bassethound European Basset Hounds BREENBRASS - Home Home Puppies Males Females Export/litters Contact We strive to not only engage in the breeding of Basset Hounds with an outstanding breed type, which meet international standards and have anatomically free and excellent movements, but, in addition, are hound dogs with excellent temperament and good health. It is the combination of all these qualities that makes them competitive among many other dogs when participating in the show ring, during working trials on the trail and, of course, as favorite family members. In order to achieve such results, we tried to find the best bloodlines all over the world, which currently have Basset Hounds in our kennel. Puppies from our kennel live in more than 20 countries of the world. They successfully represent at national and international Dog Shows in their countries of residence and beyond. In many countries of the world, children and grandchildren of our puppies already live and successfully perform at exhibitions. We are grateful to all the owners of our puppies, who surround our dogs with care and love! We are very proud of you and you are always in our hearts! More Puppies Males Females Puppies available Pass Of My Heart Anita Female of the rare and wonderful mahogany colour, available. Show&breeding prospective. Anita mahogany European 100 female of mahogany color. Anita Euro puppy 100 european pedigree, show and breeding prospect. Pass Of My Heart Anita Mahogany puppy, old european bloodlines. Show and breeding pr