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CURRICULUM Claudio Bandini lives and works in Santa Sofia (FC), Italy. He is well known in Italy and abroad for his innovative fresco technique, both on the board and on canvas, and for his unusual, informal style by which he expresses all of its emotional imagination through architectures and geometries of colour, that are not enclosed in rules and predestined cultural superstructures. He does not paint pre-established subjects. He creates in an instinctive way on supports similar to the fresco, which he rediscovered as a perfect one for his expressive demands – even with appropriate changes to the procedures of the classical a fresco realization – only to allow the use of mixed techniques both a fresco as well as a secco. In the latter period he using exclusively the a secco technique, which allows better improvisation, syncopated rhythmic changes and astonishing harmonic progressions like in the rhythmic construction of jazz music. The preparation of the supports on wood or on canvas is done with conglomerates of sand base, mediums and special glues that allow to establish the correct moment to prepare the fresco in monochrome and to apply the colours later. He prefers the use of acrylic and mixed techniques and he directly creates in an instinctive way. His work begins from a simple intuition that he develops through more or less complex lines, through which the following interventions are determined by a relationship of emotional interaction with the used colour. It is not a quick job, it requires a continuous concentration ready to seize the right intuition suggested by the creative process. In this way the forms that are progressively changing in a continuous becoming of produced art are coming out as aesthetical and emotional enjoyment. At the end of this fatiguing but fascinating process the work releases itself in its total autonomy. STATEMENT My art is an art of survival, that draws the impulse from the need to rummage through the emotional labyrinth of my soul in an unending search for inner serenity, that can let me be at peace with myself, in order to be the same with all other human beings. This inner peace, that is accessible to all and that nobody can prohibit or steal because it belongs to our conscience, has a positive charge more powerful than evil, that will eventually surrender if the spirituality of art will contaminate the soul of society. The message that can be drawn, is that of hope for a mankind stripped of its fundamental values, but driven by a growing desperate need for peace and serenity. The Hearts” “Emotions”, “Inner life”, “In a Whisper” series is the last and most important series of survival of the emotions and of the need to share and communicate their most impalpable and explosive substance at the same time. Number two, one plus one that becomes one, two hearts that come together and become one big heart, a new entity, the dream comes true. That is: the happiness, that can only be found within us. EXIBITIONS He has made more than 100 exhibitions in Italy and abroad. His works can be found in numerous public and private collections and museums. CATALOGUE The main catalogue is available at the libraries of art of museums and foundations, including the Foundation Center for Studies on Art Licia and Carlo Ludovico Ragghianti (Lucca, Italy), the Foundation Giuseppe De Nittis (Barletta-Italy), Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo (Brazil) RECENT EXHIBITIONS Firenze, Italia, 7-20 Dicembre 2009, Galleria La Pergola Arte “ Oltre…nuove proposte per il 2010”. New York, USA, Gennaio 2010, Selezionato per il “I° Premio Internazionale di Pittura, Scultura e Grafica Città di New York”. Torino, Italia, 8-17 Gennaio 2010, “ TorinArte”. Ferrara, Italia, Castello Estense, 06-14/02/2010 su invito con 5 opere a “ Cromaticos”. Lecce, Italia, marzo 2010 “ Biennale Salento 2010”. Vigo, Spagna, 4-29 marzo 2010.” Architect Palacios Gallery” Roma, Italia, 20-30marzo 2010, “La vie en rose”. Portalegre, Portogallo, Museum of Portalegre ” 17/04 – 30/05/2010. Sansepolcro, Italia, Giugno 2010 - Mese d’Arte. Roccamonfina, Italia, 26 giugno 2010 - 4 luglio 2010 “ Flogisto-arti in eruzione”. Napoli, Italia, 20 giugno- 20 luglio 2010 “ VentiPerVenti IV edizione” Vilamoura, Portogallo, 26/08-03/10/2010- Atlantica Gallery “Contemporary Expression “ Buenos Aires, Argentina, 03-13 settembre 2010- ArtexParte- Mosaico/Affresco al Palazzo della Cultura e dello Sport di Berazategui-Buenos Aires, in rappresentanza dell’Italia. Vendas Novas, Portogallo, 24/10-21/11/2010, “16th International Exhibition of Visual Arts” Ferrara, Italia, 27/112010-05/12/2010 - 5a Biennale Internazionale d''Arte- Sezione “Estasi dei Sensi” Fucecchio, Italia, 11 dicembre 2010- 22 gennaio 2011 “ Premio Arte X2010” Badajoz, Spagna, gennaio-febbraio 2011- Vive Arte - International Exhibition of Contemporary Art Maria Nives Gallery Forlì, Italia, 25-26-27 Marzo 2011, Vernice Art Fair- Polo Congressuale Fiera Forlì. Roccamonfina, Italia, 9-30 Aprile 2011 - “Gli Abiti del Male”, Museo MAGMA-Palacongressi. Copenhagen, Danimarca, 12 Aprile- 15 Maggio 2011, Istituto Italiano di Cultura , “ 150° Unità d’Italia”. Saltara di Castoceto, Italia, 18 giugno-18 luglio 2011, MUSEO BALI’. Castello di Acaya (LE), Italia, 6-21 agosto 2011, START UP 2011. Roma, Italia, 2-12settembre 2011, Dioscuri del Quirinale, “ 150° Unità d’Italia”. Rovereto (TR),17/09- 12/10/2011, Fondazione Opera Campana dei Caduti. Patrocinio Consiglio d’Europa, Amnesty International. Human Rights. Chicago ( USA), 18 novembre – 31dicembre 2011, “Italia – USA International Art”, 33 Collective Gallery. Siviglia (Spagna), 8 - 25 novembre 2011, REAL ACADEMIA DE BELLAS ARTES SEVILLA Milano, Pero, 22 ottobre-13 novembre 2011-Passepartout Gallery. “L’arte concettuale e la comunicazione visiva” Firenze, Italia, 3-11 dicembre 2011, VIII BIENNALE DI FIRENZE. Stra (VE), Italia, 10-17 dicembre 2011, Museo Nazionale Villa Pisani-Expo Internazionale Arti Visive “Il Richiamo della Foresta. Vernole ( Lecce), Human Rights 2012- 28 aprile- 10 giugno 2012. Reggio Emilia, 11 luglio-5 settembre 2012, Chiostri di S. Domenico “Artquake”- L’Arte della Solidarietà” Cerreto Laziale ( ROMA), Museo MAMEC personale 25 agosto- 14 settembre 2012. Varazdin ( Croazia), 24 agosto-2 settembre 2012, PaletaFEST International Art Show 2012. Rovereto ( Trento), Human Rights 2012 . 15 settembre - 14 ottobre 2012. Artystycczne Strony, Polonia, “Image of the week 2012”. Barletta (Italia), Fondazione DE NITTIS, 15 – 30 Aprile 2013. Venezia, Collaterale Biennale Venezia presso Fondazione Xante Battaglia, 14-28 luglio 2013. CONTACT Claudio Bandini via Turati, 4 47018 Santa Sofia (FC) - ITALY E-mail cla.ban@alice.it c.bandini@libero.it web site www.equilibriarte.net/bandini
E' il sito www.equilibriarte.netbandini di claban. L'utente claban, sito www.equilibriarte.net/bandini
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