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Hello everyone, My name is Daniela I'm 36 years old and live in Reggio Calabria ... Send and receive postcards (stamps) from all over the world is a great way to discover new places, art, customs and traditions, through some beautiful pictures. I have no preferences! What is important is that postcards are not in the envelope. About me: I love animals, nature, sea, photography, books, Halloween, Christmas. I like the mythology, history, art, drawing, a bit 'of everything ... I'm fascinated by the history of ancient Egypt, many of my books deal with this issue. I collect: movies, books, documentary . I'd travel the world, but for now it remains just a dream ... The postcards, documentaries and my imagination, I help a lot in this. Maybe one day ... I love movies and books about vampires (my little wish is to receive some postcard from Forks "Twilight Saga"), I like the actor David Boreanaz. Friendship is one of the most beautiful feeling to live because it gives wealth, emotions, complicity and why it is absolutely free. Suddenly you see, you choose, building a kind of intimacy you can walk alongside and grow together while traveling different roads, although distant, like us, hundreds of thousands of kilometers. Susanna Tamaro I hope that this initiative will lead to the birth of the beautiful friendship ... Thanks to all Daniela Felice Postcrossing! PS Write something in your native language (^_^) Note: Dear friends visiting my blog http://danielapiccolo.style.it/ you will find: Postcards exchange swap Postcards of Reggio Calabria Postcards various Thank you all
E' il sito danielapiccolo.style.it di daniela1973. L'utente daniela1973, sito danielapiccolo.style.it