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Guitar player, producer, guitar instructor, Demetrio ''Dimitry'' Scopelliti spent the latest 18 years playing, recording and teaching music. Based in Norway but Italian, after a solid education at the CPM (European Musician Institute) he has been playing all over the world with many different projects (Arcadia, Abomination, Infection code and Lauren Mayhew just to mention some). He worked as producer for many artists in Europe and recorded 4 albums with the band Arcadia as main composer, guitar player & even producer, 4 solo albums, “Evolution” in 2008, “Codex Magika” in 2012, ''The Art of Complications'' in 2016 and ''The Silent Watcher'' (2018).
E' il sito www.demetrioscopelliti.itdblog di dimitry. L'utente dimitry, sito www.demetrioscopelliti.it/dblog
Demetrio Dimitry Scopelliti, guitar player, composer, producer and instructor: BLOG blog, www.demetrioscopelliti.it,demetrioscopelliti.it, demetrio, scopelliti, demetrio scopelliti, dimitry, the silent watcher, the art of complications, codex magika, The Codex Videos, Evolution, o sole mio, metal, music, yoga, mp3, download, pics, videos Demetrio Dimitry Scopelliti - Albums: Evolution (2008), Codex Magika (2012), The Codex Videos (2013), Yoga, Meditation & Relaxation (2014), The Art of Complications (2016), The Silent Watcher (2018) Demetrio Dimitry Scopelliti, guitar player, composer, producer and instructor: BLOG Top Dimitry's Blog: Home page - The blog of Demetrio Dimitry Scopelliti, guitar player, composer, producer and instructor. Albums: The Silent Watcher, The Art of Complications, Codex Magika, Evolution, The Codex Videos, O Sole Mio Goes Metal, Yoga, News, Bio, Dates, Disco, Videos, Pics, Presskit Albums: The Silent Watcher, The Art of Complications The codex videos DVD included ( 2016 Fusioncore Records), The Codex Videos (2013), Codex Magika (2012), Evolution (2009 version), Evolution (2008), O Sole Mio Goes Metal ( 2016 Fusioncore Records), Yoga Ambient Album: Yoga, Meditation & Relaxation' / Officine Sonore, IT Dec 2019 The new album, V , is out since Apr 10, 2022. Other albums by Dimitry: The Silent Watcher (2018) The Art of Complications (2016) The Codex Videos DVD Release (2013) Codex Magika (2012) Evolution (2008-2009) News Bio Dates Media MP3 Dimitry Arcadia Videos Codex videos All videos Pics Live Clinics Photosessions Endorsements DVD Shooting Clinic Material Press Presskit Disco Producer Teacher Introduction Skien Musikk Website Contacts Video lessons Online lessons Private lessons Skype lessons Home recording Students Login Contacts Blog Paypal Contacts Contact Form Newsletter   AfterWorld - Official video of the new album 'V' by Dimitry , 12/04/2022 00:12:14, DAILY NEWS , read 104 times Read Comments (0) Archive Print GP-200 Demo - Valeton by Dimitry , 23/03/2022 17:00:00, Vide