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Speaking about a new ionic engine means to speak about a new aircraft. The paper presents shortly the actual ionic engines (called ion thrusters) and the new ionic (pulse) engines proposed by the author. Ionic engine (ion thruster, which accelerates the positive ions through a potential difference) is about 10 times more effective than classic system based on combustion. We can still improve the efficiency of 10-50 times if one uses pulses of positive ions accelerated in a cyclotron mounted on the ship; the efficiency can easily grow for 1000 times if the positive ions will be accelerated in a high energy synchrotron, synchrocyclotron or isochronous cyclotron (1-100 GeV). In this, the big classic synchrotron is reduced to a ring surface (magnetic core). Future (ionic) engine will have mandatory a circular particle accelerator (high or very high energy). We can thus increase the speed and autonomy of the ship using a less quantity of fuel and power. One can use synchrotron radiation (synchrotron light, high intensity beams), like high intensity (X-ray or Gamma ray) radiation, as well. In this case will be a beam engine (not an ionic engine), it’ll use only the power (energy, which can be solar energy, nuclear energy, or both) and so we will remove the fuel. It proposes using a powerful LINAC at the exit of synchrotron (especially when one accelerates electrons) to not lose energy by photons premature emission. With a new ionic engine one builds a new aircraft, which can travel through water and. This new aircraft will can accelerate directly, without an additional combustion engine and without gravity assists from other planets.
E' il blog newshipss.blogspot.com di florentino. L'utente florentino, blog newshipss.blogspot.com
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