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3diamantes3 network brand new only a few days old, input cost $ 2000 for each direct sponsored perceives $ 500 $ 700 = $ 1,200 in fees for the first 4 positions .. After the first 4 ref the money will be divided as follows: $ 700 should have spillover or those below us, and the remaining $ 500 will be our ... of course this is only the start ... because as each of us will reach the next levels gradually increase the money earned from sponsoring staff and spillover .. The genius lies in perceiving .. $ 700 for those who do not makes the network, so it''s a semi-passive, those who are lazy will take the commissions from the spill, a dispassionate My advice is to make the network possible because this will allow you to speed up the levels and treble levels will increase the money you bring home ... The career advancement then levels does not depend on our ref or spillover, but the system only takes into account the money that we have in our backoffice ... (so if we want to move to the next level we just leave the money in the backoffice) .. The company also distributes 80% bonus on the net ... The spillover on this floor are 3 matrix .. The global business is presented with ewallet open right away, you can receive subsidies of their earnings or credit card (you will come home the physical card attached to the account ewallet) ... The company and composed by mine owners, banks and internationally renowned companies ... The company has owned the product that is deposited in the bank, the value is 16 millions of tourists and dollars to secure the certificate (which will be released via postal delivery up to 7 working days after your enrollment in the network) ... This warranty and Sustainability business .. But above all it is 100% legal ... We are only at the beginning ... Since July start bonuses with other products very beautiful super brands listed, very important ... to understand high-level ... Each feed provides a lot of incentives ... Key figures immediately!
E' il blog 3diamantes3teamglobal.blogspot.it di gigio78. L'utente gigio78, blog 3diamantes3teamglobal.blogspot.it