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A easy way to learn Italian for travelers and beginners
E' il blog italian-school.blogspot.com di kleant. L'utente kleant, blog italian-school.blogspot.com
Italian-school. Italian-school. Italian-school. An Italian language website for beginners and travelers. Easy learning methods. Mini-dictionaries divided in categories. Pages Home Read Chat video C iao and Welcome! This website is dedicated to those people who want to learn a little Italian, but don't have much time to study. This is recommended for beginners and travelers. Basic The Alphabet - L'Alfabeto The Cardinal Numbers - I Numeri Cardinali The Ordinal Numbers - I Numeri Ordinali Words The Adjectives - Gli Aggettivi The Animals - Gli Animali The Family and The Community - La Famiglia e La Comunit The Foods - I Cibi The Hobbies - I Hobby The Languages - Le Lingue The Objects - Gli Oggetti The Parts Of The Body - Le Parti Del Corpo The Places - I Posti The Professions - Le Professioni The Time - Il Tempo The Wears and The Colors - I Vestiti e I Colori No comments: Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest Links to this post Older Posts Home Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) Translate Basic Alphabet Cardinal Numbers Ordinal Number words Adjectives Animals Community Foods Hobbies Languages Objects Parts Of The Body Places Professions Time Wears & Colors Search Loading... Follow by Email Loading... Loading... Powered by Blogger .