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Lian Russo anima denudata, sito di sculture
E' il sito www.linarusso.com di linarusso. L'utente linarusso, sito www.linarusso.com
? Lina Russo Naked Soul - Contemporary Art Art, contemporary art, arte contemporanea, sculptur, lina russo artista, naked soul Lina Russo, web site provides information on current and upcoming art, and online exhibitions, collection of modern and contemporary art, scultori, sculture, scultore Lina Russo Naked Soul - Contemporary Art April 04 - 06, 2014 Art Expo New York Pier 94 711 12th Ave New York NY 10019-5399 April 04 - 06, 2014 Art Expo New York Pier 94 711 12th Ave New York NY 10019-5399 Lina Russo artwork is composed by single pieces, which are numbered and can't be duplicated. This particular method includes the demolishing of molds so that each piece represents a unique masterpiece to be cherished. These sculptures are the result of complex technical procedures. All creations are very limited due to the fact that the resin that I use is extremely toxic. Lately Lina have been working on new creations made with resin and newspaper, wood, plastic materials, and now carbon fiber and titanio. Lina Russo 18w 37 st New York NY Phone: (310) 980-1021 - Via D. Comparetti 76, 00137 Rome - Italy Cell: +39-338-48-14728 Fax: +39-06-70-20501 E-Mail: pascalru hotmail.com PI 1105460100 Lina Russo is a registered trademark number 0001414591 'Contemporary Art' Home Sculpture Art Exhibitions About the Artist Contact Link