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fotografando, ... e non solo
E' il blog www.marcoddmfoto.blogspot.com di marcoddm. L'utente marcoddm, blog www.marcoddmfoto.blogspot.com
Marco News skip to main skip to sidebar Marco News segunda-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2014 The recipe of Honduras that is taking a species of iguana to extinction d The iguana meat is part of a long Central American cuisine. For those who prefer to have these animals as company the idea can be as unpleasant as eating dog meat. But civilised cultures are very different in different parts of the world. The iguana meat is so popular in Central America that there are farms for breeding these animals in El Salvador, arriving to export meat to Asia and to North America. During a severe drought that affected Nicaragua during this year, the Government advised its citizens consume iguana meat rather than another type of meat. However, the consumption of iguana meat in Honduras is becoming a problem. Many of the species of iguana that inhabit the territory of the country are already threatened by habitat loss. The iguana Agu n Valley is one of the most endangered species in Central America and, however, is one of the species most sought after for their meat. It is estimated that there are only 5,000 copies in the Agu n River Valley, where are native. Investigators from the San Diego Zoo and the National Autonomous University of Honduras made an inquiry to the inhabitants of the area to assess the degree of awareness of the population about the decline of species and also to see if there is a way to lock. One of the main findings of the investigation was the way the iguanas are dwindling