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How Marie Laure can organize your Antique Buying Trips to Europe.
E' il sito www.marie-laurebuyingtrips.com di marielaure. L'utente marielaure, sito www.marie-laurebuyingtrips.com
Marie Laure Buying Trips Marie Laure, Buing Trips, Antique, Europe, Marie Laure, Buing Trips, Antique Buying Trips, Europe How Marie Laure can organize your Antique Buying Trips to Europe. Marie Laure Buying Trips marie-laure How Marie Laure can organize your Antique Buying Trips to Europe. Homepage About Buying Services Collections ML Blog Contact me For Collections click here. Join us for your Antique Buying Trip to Europe. Marie-Laure Antique Buying Trips. European Tours for people who love antiques, fine art, jewelry, design ,wine and food ( and why not truffles from Alba ? ) Whether you are buying for your store or for your home, we ll make your trip a pleasure. Looking for a single piece or wanting to fill a container, we ll help you to get your treasures home. On the hunt for beautiful things at best trade price. There s a lot of hidden treasures that are waiting for you. We have the experience to offer you the best in sourcing, shopping, negotiating and shipping. We ll plan the trips according your style, budget and time. With us you ll have the great opportunity to visit the litany of flea and antique markets across Europe. Our motto is You Only Regret What You Don t Buy . With over 15 years in sourcing all over the Old Europe, we can provide you with a fantastic shopping experience without the daunting task of finding the markets on your own. We can provide individual service, understanding your wants and needs. Whether you are an Antique Dealer searching for a hidden gem at the Brussels Sablon flea market or an Interior designer buying beautiful items from Genoa auction, Marie-Laurebuyingtrips can provide the perfect buying trip assistance. Join us i