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My name is Alberto Lazo, I ’m a visual artist, painter, therapist, guitar player and designer. This is my artwork blog, linked to my website, where I show my paintings and photographs. My Artwork Nudes in soft-pastels; a realistic type of work that goes softly into the imaginary world of thoughts, dreams and fantasies, loaded with passion, color and warmth. The abstract proposal, in acrylic and watercolors has a touch of psychology, a glance to the inner world of our minds, a visual look of thoughts, pure colors worked with palette knife and dripping. My photographic work, passionate images, is the result of my artwork in soft-pastels
E' il blog alberto-lazo.blogspot.com di mijnjin. L'utente mijnjin, blog alberto-lazo.blogspot.com
Alberto Lazo Alberto Lazo Alberto Lazo Artwork Latex Gallery Titulo: Aiori. Tecnica: Latex mixto. Estilo: Abstracto. Formato: 60 x 180 cm. Alberto Lazo. Publicado por Alberto Lazo Soft-Pastel Gallery Titulo: El caballo de L.S.D. (horoscopo chino). Tecnica: Pastel sobre papel. Estilo: Realismo-surrealista. Formato: 70 x 50 cm. Alberto Lazo. Publicado por Alberto Lazo Acrylic Gallery Titulo: Silueta reflejada en el cristal, antes de mediod a, mientras ella no est . Tecnica: Acr lico sobre tela (Acrylic on canvas). Estilo: Abstract0 (Conceptual). Formato: 100 x 70 cm. Alberto Lazo. Publicado por Alberto Lazo Watercolors Gallery Titulo: Pensamiento. Tecnica: Acuarela sobre papel (Watercolors on paper). Estilo: Abstracto (Conceptual). Formato: 16 x 21 cm. Alberto Lazo. Publicado por Alberto Lazo B & W Photograph Gallery Titulo: Deseo. Tecnica: Fotografia-digital. Estilo: Desnudo-Blanco y negro. Alberto Lazo. Publicado por Alberto Lazo Home Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) About Me Alberto Lazo Santiago, Chile Artista Visual View my complete profile Google+ Badge Contact alberto.lazo hotmail.com Gallery 1 NEW Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Links Chelsea International Fine Art Competition - Agora Gallery is the proud sponsor of the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition, which offers contemporary artists the opportunity to show their original art at one the most acclaimed juried art shows in Chelsea, New York s art galleries district. Pintura en internet Blog Archive Blog Archive January