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Commentary and interests blog site with topics surrounding Cheng's research work and studies for his doctor of public administration (DPA) degree at Tarlac State University and postgraduate certificate (PgCert) in corruption studies at Hong Kong University
E' il sito www.commentary.com di morenonoc. L'utente morenonoc, sito www.commentary.com
Commentary ? Asia Pacific and beyond: Anti-corruption, social development, world trends and th Fight against corruption, bribery and graft, socioeconomic and political development, peaceful movements, language, culture, identity and ideology - all from the perspective of language (linguistics) and numbers (statistics). Commentary Asia Pacific and beyond: Anti-corruption, social development, world trends and the pursuit of truth through language (linguistics) and numbers (statistics) by Raymond Cheng PhD DPA FRSA Island disputes in Southeast Asia Obama vs. Romney Wh s better? Foreign and Chin s Pension Funds Anti-Islam video and anti-US sentiment Say no to brainwashing Israel Iran strike imminent Sanctions on Iran and workarounds Indi s massive blackout SHORTCUT TO MAIN SECTIONS & ARTICLES Home About this site How did we once fight corruption in colonial Hong Kong? John Sinclair's lexical items When a linguist stumbled upon a Buttonwood Historical US administrative thoughts USA versus colonial Hong Kong Anti-corruption review of Nigeria Procurement monitoring in Nigeria Syndicated news Usman's blog Anti-graft news Socialist news and more Click for weather forecast Tuesday, December 9 2014 1:37am Hongkong Time Photo Taylor Renforth INSTABILITY FACTORS Israel-Iran strike Sanctions on Iran Senkakus-Diaoyu and historical findings Dokdo-Takeshima Spratly, Paracel, Scarborough Kurils Photo Robert Churchill COMMODITY & SUSTAINABILITY Biofuel Global rice yield Power blackout and Japan's nuclear phaseout Preserving rhinos and elephants Photo Marco Prandina TRADE & ECONOMY Foreign funds and Chin s pension crush Outward foreign direct investment saga American movies entering China HOW TO HELP Send donations to: Red Cross Philippines The Salvation Army, Philippine Territory UNICEF World Vision Doctors W