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Nude, bald and isolated, Nikki’s characters are suspended in moments of contemplative reflection. Each figure is exposed beyond their cultural, social and political influences, seeking to engage the viewer in an existential dialog to expiate and expose the modern state of humanity. Nikki’s experimental, intuitive and extemporaneous artistic process is evident in her unique amalgam of various mediums. Her innovative technique, coined colorform, combines layers of traditional oil paint and various plastic mediums, giving her work a sense of depth and contrasting form. Nikki’s seamless marriage of vibrant colors and precise lines duly seek to satisfy the energy of human existence with the delicate complexity of biology and cosmology. Nikki Hotvedt is a self-taught American artist whose proclivity for artistic expression surfaced as a young child. In 2000 Nikki relocated from her native city of Santa Cruz, California to study Advertising and Political Communications at Emerson College in Boston, MA. Finally after earning her degree, she opted to nurture her artistic inclinations and relocated to Europe. Nikki currently divides her time between Rome and New York. For further information or for sale inquiry, please contact: info@nikkihotvedt.com or +39.329.985.2644
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