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Ange Sealiah blog amour, les fées et les anges tubes, l''amour et la poésie, spirituel
E' il blog www.angelsealiah.blogspot.com di sealiah. L'utente sealiah, blog www.angelsealiah.blogspot.com
Ange Sealiah blog amour, les f es et les anges tubes, l& 39;amour et la po sie, spirituel header video prhases -a You came to me at the right time, in the most suitable, in which more longed to have you by my side ... You came to me like a fairy tale, impregnate my life with your beautiful magic ... It is unaccountable emotions in my wake, that for a moment I thought you were not here, you were on the other hand ... I caressed the soul with your hands and it was so strange I feel, the force with which you did was not a human, but a true angel ... You found my soul mate, You came to me to illuminate my way ... You came to me and beset me with your light, but the flame of love in my kindled and now I live in love with an angel ... Today my feelings have confused me, if I no longer love or remain your friend ... Not away, whether it be what I should do, but neither myself the idea of not seeing you again ... Long time wanted and now I found you, I do not want to miss ... God punish me if I sin, away from me but now I can not .. Believe me, for you give it all, regardless of anything, not even the world . Today I just want to stay with you forever and as two angels live together forever in love DG THE FAIRY PLACE A place where few can go or tell Follow the stream to the fairy dell. Wings of silken lace, help them rise, Upon the breeze of perfumed skies, And in the place where the wee ones play, Are made the flowers and the sunbeam's ray. Captured in the fairy cup, Each dewdrop is to gently sup. The creatures they all sing along To the merry little fairy song. Dancin