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SIENARICA - Travel and Lifestyle blog written by Siena Rica, Italy based digital content creator.
E' il blog sienarica.blogspot.com di sienaricablog. L'utente sienaricablog, blog sienarica.blogspot.com
Travel and Lifestyle blog written by Siena Rica, Italy based digital content creator. SIENARICA SIENARICA Home Travel Lifestyle Fashion Food Random About Contact The higher the level of fun and adrenaline, the higher the level of post-festival depression. I have been to a lot of concerts, but as I said before, I am always hit by a good dose of nostalgia everytime I go home and look at all the pictures and videos I've taken. After this whiny intro, let's jump right into the tale. I remember like it was yesterday, I was 12 and I was walking around a local fair with stalls and stuff when my eyes locked on a t-shirt with bright colours and this mummy-monster graphic all over the front: I begged my mom to buy me the Iron Maiden's Somewhere back in time t-shirt which happened to be my very first band shirt ever. Almost ten years apart, I finally got to see them LIVE. You might tell me, Iron Maiden have had tons of tour dates in Italy during the past years - which is true, but I never had the occasion to see them because guess what, parents thought metal guys would torn their daughter apart during moshpits. LOL. Reminiscing how bad I felt during last year's iDays (with Linkin Park, SUM 41 and Blink-182, fyi) because of the sun/heat that dehydrated us, my man and I decided to opt for the VIP Rocks Party package which included a special reserved PIT right under the stage (best decision of our lives), a buffet and open bar among with other complimentary things. IRON MAIDEN HELLOWEEN JONATHAN DAVIS SHINEDOWN I would've never thought that Iron Maiden concerts would be so