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Original Italian homemade cuisine by Luca from Rome with so many recipes to learn, step by step. Keep in touch and become a real Italian Cookaholic!
E' il sito www.theitaliancookaholic.weebly.com di lucaporilli. L'utente Ŕ lucaporilli, sito www.theitaliancookaholic.weebly.com
The Italian Cookaholic - The Italian Cookaholic's Home Page theitaliancookaholic.weebly,the italian cookaholic,italian cookaholic,recipes,italian recipes,homemade recipes,homemade cuisine,homemade foods,italian homemade cuisine,original Italian foods,italian specialties,italian main courses,italian cakes,italian s Original Homemade Italian Recipes The Italian Cookaholic - The Italian Cookaholic's Home Page Home Appetizers Fancy Pasta Salads & Main Courses House Specialties Yummy Cakes, Cappuccino & Co. Hi everybody and welcome to my brand new site: The Italian Cookaholic. Why an Italian should write in English? Well there are many sites about Italian recipes written in Italian but I thought it would be a nice idea showing them in English to people all around the world. I'm not a chef, I just like cooking but I'm not a professional one so yo ll find simply and homemade recipes and how to prepare them. Enjoy! Pistachio and Walnut Pasta Ingredients for 2: Olive Oil 100 gr of Pistachio 5 walnuts 10 gr of Basil 30 gr of Parmesan 200 gr of Fusilli (or the kind of Pasta you prefer) You know, on the every Italian table you should never miss a good pasta dish, it's our main course and we have many kinds of it... The pasta dish which I'm going to show you today is very simple to make but for a good outcome you must provide a mortar to crush the ingredients. Anyway if you don't have a mortar you can use a mixer. Put the pistachio and walnuts (without the shell of course) into the mortar and a drizzle of oil then start to crush them. If the mixture looks too dried, add another drizzle of oil. Then add the basil and parmesan and crush them again. The result that you should get is a compound not too smooth like a cream but with some little pieces of walnuts and pistachio. Meanwhile let boil the water and heat the pasta but don't for